Why Join THEO?


Your heart wants to make a difference, be an advocate for positive change, and become a leader. Listen to your heart and join THEO, the program that has helped teens like you for over twenty-five years. THEO will be the place where you can develop your skills while helping your friends prevent pregnancy and stay safe from STDs and HIV/AIDS. Your heart is rarely wrong, join and experience how THEO can change your life.

THEO’s Peer Leaders are adolescents ranging in age from 13 to 21, residents of New York City, and are currently enrolled in a local high school or college. The program also seeks to train extremely high risk youth residing in New York City homeless shelters, group homes, or foster care.


Reasons for joining THEO:

• Becoming a leader in your community

• Make potentially life-long friends/relationships

• Develop life-long and invaluable skills

• A desire to explore the profession of medicine, nursing, teaching,

  and public health

• Guidance in making life decisions

• Mentorship

• Fulfillment of community service requirements for New York City

  public high schools, if needed.


How to join THEO?

 To become a THEO Peer Leader or Advocate is a 3-part process:

• Completed online application (see below)

• Selected for and completion of the Summer Training Program

• Available to commit to working, afterschool during the school year




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